Used For: Removing unwanted hair and slowing regrowth

Nu-U Essentials uses Cristina D Waxes which are made from premium resins. Enriched with “Titanium Dioxide” and other soothing and anti-bacterial ingredients, these waxes provide gentle smooth hair removal without irritation. These soft Italian Fruit Waxes, are never sticky and does not pull on the skin so you have a more pleasant experience with little discomfort.


For best results lightly exfoliate skin with a loofah sponge prior to service. Hair length should be approximately 2 weeks growth shaving negates the value of waxing. re-growth will be heavier.
Regular appointments should be maintained for the best results. Our Escential waxes a makes the experience more comfortable.
Wax Pricing (taxes not included)
Brows C$ 12
Upper lip C$ 10
Upper lip & brows C$ 15
Chin C$ 10
Chin & upper lip C$ 15
Brows & upper lip & chin C$ 27
Underarm C$ 15
Bikini C$ 25
Brazilian C$ 50
Half Legs C$ 35
Full Legs w/ Bikini C$ 60
Back C$ 35
Chest C$ 35
Arms C$ 25
Ears C$ 15
Stomach C$ 20



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