Laser Hair Removal



Used For: Get rid of that Unwanted Hair forever with state-of-the-art technology.

The Lightsheer diode laser is the Gold Standard in laser hair removal.

LightSheer's state-of-the-art system is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, with less discomfort and more reliability than other methods.

● Faster
● More Comfortable
● Reliable for treatment of nearly every hair diameter and color

In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair included plucking, shaving, waxing or chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy and all are only temporary.

With the emergence of laser hair removal has come many questions, concerns, and myths about such procedures. If you are interested in the possibility of a treatment and cannot find the answers you are looking for in these pages, please contact us. We are more than happy to chat with you!

How It Works

Used For: Get rid of that unwanted hair forever with state-of-the-art technology.

The key to successful hair removal is destroying the entire follicle, down to the bulb and its germinating centers, while preserving surrounding healthy tissue. Destroying the hair follicle during its active growth cycle is another key to producing long-term hair reduction. Consequently, multiple treatments scheduled several weeks or months apart are typically required to achieve optimal results.

Lasers and IPL light sources gently remove unwanted hair based on the principle of selective photothermolyisis. This refers to the process whereby light energy causes thermal injury to the hair follicle. The light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed in the target pigment (melanin) found in the hair shaft. This energy absorbed in the shaft causes the temperature to reach a sufficiently high level in the hair follicle so that the targeted hair structures are destroyed and regrowth is inhibited.

The LightSheer® Diode Laser System, with its unique combination of laser parameters, penetrates tissue to destroy the base of the hair follicle and stunt hair regrowth. At the same time, the LightSheer system's aggressive cooling provided by the ChillTip handpiece minimizes potential collateral epidermal damage caused by light absorption by melanin in the epidermis. This patented ChillTip™ combined with efficient, reliable, high-power diode technology, makes the family of LightSheer lasers the most advanced hair removal system available.


FACE ( Women And Men )Package of 6Each
Upper lip: C$ 250 C$ 50
Upper lip & chin: C$ 500 C$ 100
Neck (partial): C$ 500 C$ 100
Chin & anterior neck: C$ 900 C$ 175
Men's neckline: C$ 900 C$ 175
Back of neck & nape of neck: C$ 900 C$ 175
Sideburns & cheeks: C$ 500 C$ 100
Men's cheekbone: C$ 250 C$ 50
Glabella (middle eyebrow): C$ 250 C$ 50
Hairline (forehead & temples): C$ 500 C$ 100
Ears (external): C$ 250 C$ 50
Half face: C$ 500 C$ 100
Full face: C$ 1050 C$ 200


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